About Golf-9

9 Hole Handicap

Key benefits of playing 9 holes that may even get you out on the course today.

  • Save Time – 9 holes take just under two and a half hours
  • Save Money – 9 hole rates are cheaper
  • Easier on Your Body – Play 9 holes is great exercise without overdoing it if you face health restraints
  • Better for Beginners – Playing 9 is great for learning the game & is not as taxing mentally and physically
  • Your Scores Still Count – You can still submit your 9-hole scores & keep a handicap

We encourage every golfer to get a handicap -- preferably from one of an existing handicap systems administered by Golf Australia, the Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU) in Great Britain and Ireland, the European Golf Association (EGA), the South African Golf Association (SAGA), the Argentine Golf Association (AAG) and the United States Golf Association (USGA). However, as a simplified alternative, Golf-9 have developed a system you can access here that will calculate for you a 9 hole golf Handicap you can use until you get anyone of the above mentioned golf handicap relevant for your country. It is easy to use, and it'll give you a good estimate of your current ability. The handicap it produces is fair and portable from course to course, and the system will be refined as more golfers sign up and data is collected.

Development efforts have started to put the new release of this system on a blockchain, to keep golf scores & handicaps trusted, certifiable & immutable.

This system is free to use for the first month. We charge AUD10 per golfer per year which is invoiced (annually) to the administrator for the group.